Obama, Trust and Inner Peace

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Of the many words I’ve read in the aftermath of President Obama’s victory, these next ones from one of our readers sums up best, I think, the general sentiment of those who feared what a Romney win would have meant for their beloved country.

Karen writes:

I can sum up my feelings of relief and pleasure at having President Obama in the White House for another four years with one word:  TRUST.  I feel totally comfortable with him having our back, and doing what is best for the people of this nation with every battle he has to fight and every crucial decision he makes.

Knowing this in my heart, I now have inner peace.

You and a whole bunch of other people, Karen.


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13 thoughts on “Obama, Trust and Inner Peace

  1. I am comfortable that Obama will have the wisdom to not press the war buttons until all diplomatic efforts have been utilized. I am at peace also that we will be governed competently in Washington.

  2. Yes, yes, yes …. post election peace of mind. Thank you Mario, and Karen, and to all at this wonmderful site.

  3. Absolutely!

    I know that I was feeling a great deal of anger just before the election – just at the thought that Romney had a chance of winning and we would all be faced with four years of returning to the kind of policies we dealt with during the Bush administration, but even worse. I was seriously thinking about applying for a Canadian visa.

    What angered me was the thought that almost half the country could not see what Mitt Romney was and the blame they placed on Obama for what was clearly to me Bush’s fault.

    I am so happy to know we have Obama for another four years and he can continue digging this country out of the hole it was dug into by Bush and Republican policies. I trust him completely.

  4. Yeah, let’s all breathe in through the nose and out through the mouth…shantih! …the peace that transcendeth understanding. While Fema is gearing up to deploy amongst the citizenry as security agents in the streets of Detroit with an Obama sponsored “right” to arrest citizens without writ of habeas corpus…that is, without a charge. While somewhere in Utah…. with computers that make the Kray super computers look like Buddhist counting beads, our government is listening. LISTENING…to you…to me And why are the Feds buying millions of rounds of small weapons ammo? …tons of bullets?.

    Didn’t BasicFunguist tell you quite early on that that charming kid from Chicago with the Harvard law degree and that great smile would whup the Romneyan shape-shifter’s lying squid ass like a rented mule? Well, I did; what I neglected to inform you is that Kid Kenya is not on your side. The brief that Barack Obama is Bush in blackface is voluminous and I won’t belabor John Hoo and Doug Feith and the whole telco undustry “walk” and the lack of a single payer option under Obamacare, an obeisance to the healthcare insurance industry rapists…

    All BaicFunguist urges of his beloved brothers and sisters is mindfulness -like a good Buddhist; all is never what it seems..

  5. And while we are celebrating the electoral win of Barack Obama, with whom we will all feel secure with at the helm of our country for the next four years…….along comes BasicFunguist to deliver a salad for all of us to enjoy and digest.

  6. BasicFungus,

    I take it that you of course have no evidence of this at all to back up your very serious accusations, except maybe some far right-wing website claiming it to be true – is that not right?

    I can understand the reason for your moniker if you go around spouting such crap, as you are kind of like a “basic fungus” just spreading wildly and making one want to get some powerful anti-fungus cream to rid themselves of it.

    I think if you’re going to pump out such nonsense, you should have at least have an ounce of proof.

  7. BasicFungus. Recalling my training in the liberal arts many moons ago, specifically in a Rhetoric course, you may be interested to learn that calling one’s interlocutors by names seeking to…do what? Win your argument? Well, this falls under the “errors in logic” rubric called “ad hominem” attacks. You don’t like what you hear so you call your opposing party a negative name. Bad rhetoric; poor logic.

    I am still seeking more ample support for the assertions of massive stockpiling of small weapons ammo by Federal authorities and the FEMA inner city security personnel planning which I have unde review . If my findings lack credible support I will repoirt same in this most welcome space.
    With respect to President Obama’s not pursuing criminal cases against John Hoo and Douglas Feith, the principal authors of Rumsfeld’s request for “legal cover” to torture, Obama’s decision not to pursue these lawyers via DOJ action is a matter of public record. Same, his abandoning of the public payer option in revamping healthcare which was limited to providing thirty-five million more fellow citizens to the rapacious clutches of the healthcare insurers…nothing of substance gained. Our president’s decision not to prosecute the telephone companies who gave Bush an open door in violating our constitutional right of privacy is also a matter of public record.

    BasicFunguist is one who bats out “fungos” to little leaguers. BF previously explained this to GoldenSun-san in this space.

    Next time, BF may regale you with his early histoyr workingy out of a storefront in Harlem during the riots in the sixties, suggesting my progressive bono fides may still be intact.

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