Obama – Real Hope

Barack Obama - Hope - Hurricane Sandy : http://mariopiperni.com/

There is something real and believable about an image of Barack Obama comforting a New Jersey victim of Hurricane Sandy that I find hard to imagine ever feeling for a Mitt Romney under similar circumstances.

I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way.


(h/t: Diana McGinness)

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13 thoughts on “Obama – Real Hope

  1. Exactly, Diana. Obama is one of us, the 99%. Romney, of the 1%, has absolutely NOTHING in common with us, especially, not empathy in the face of disaster.

  2. So, so, true — from one person who has endured life’s hardships to another. A vantage point I don’t think Mitt Romney would comprehend.

  3. Did you notice that at the debates, afterwards the Obamas always did a full body hug – while the Romneys did this stiff hug, with hands on the arms and a distance between them?

    If he couldn’t even really hug his own wife, after they have had 5 kids, how would he ever be comfortable actually touching another American, especially if that American was not rich?

  4. Here’s what Romney would have done – shaken her hand, pretended she grabbed his ass, then said, “I know exactly how you feel. Why, my beach house in California has only 3,000 square feet.”

    @Cheryl: On the 5 kids – maybe they did it with artificial insemination. Everything else about the whole family is artificial.

  5. Cheryl: “….afterwards the Obamas always did a full body hug – while the Romneys did this stiff hug, with hands on the arms and a distance between them?”

    Mitt and Ann looked like a management team (BOSS and assistant), as opposed to an openly devoted, respectful COUPLE, each comfortable in their own skin and supportive of the other. I think it all comes down to that magical element, empathy, so vividly and completely captured by Mario.

    MomCat is right in commenting that Obama is “one of us” with his gift of empathy and identification with the 99%, but I think he ranks somewhere above “us” in other attributes like intelligence (or at least how he uses it), strategic thinking, coolness under pressure and complete confidence among all people. For instance, I couldn’t IMAGINE giving a speech in front of hundreds of thousands of people at any given location around the globe. I think of him as one of the world, unconfined by America’s boundaries…and I wish I could see the remainder of his life as it unfolds.

    As for the Commander in Chief part, I commented to a friend recently that no one comes into the Oval Office thoroughly prepared for the job…and that I feel Obama has grown remarkably well into the role with seeming ease and alacrity. That takes some forethought and the right combination of attributes, a CORE…Obama’s core has people, policy and process and Romney’s has strategy, unbridled personal ambition and one huge dollar sign.

  6. How about juxtaposng this picture of Obama with a picture of Romney collecting useless canned goods and titling it “HOPE/DOPE”?

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