Crazy Louie Gohmert Does It Again

Louie Gohmert, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell

Simply knowing that Louie Gohmert was a member of your political party should be a good enough reason for any sane person to switch. His latest:

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert of Texas said Monday night that President Barack Obama had a poor understanding of the Constitutional despite teaching constitutional law at one of the most prestigious universities in the country.

Gohmert, along with Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), appeared on Fox News’ Hannity to discuss a recent court ruling that found Obama had violated the Constitution when making recess appointments to the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB). The three-judge panel said the Senate remained formally in session when Obama made the appointments during Christmas break.

“It is part of the Constitution,” Gohmert said. “I think one of the big legal ramifications that should come out of this is a class-action lawsuit by all of those who had him as a constitutional law instructor to get their money back. I think it would be a lay-down case for them.

Obama was a professor of constitutional law at the University of Chicago Law School before launching his political career.

I’m quite sure that Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert is the benchmark by which stupid is measured. If he isn’t, then someone should make it so. We can start by declaring LG as a unit measurement of stupid. Members of congress could then be assigned an LG value. Michele Bachmann : .96 LG, Sarah Palin : 2.6 LGs, etc.

A few more election cycles to let demographics work its magic and rural Texas will hopefully catch up with the state’s urban areas – Dallas and Austin went Obama in both general elections. Unfortunately, gerrymandering will guarantee that Congress will always have its share of Louie Gohmerts.

Maybe stupid can’t be fixed but it can be slowed down.


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14 thoughts on “Crazy Louie Gohmert Does It Again

  1. The recess appointments the President made were supposedly invalidated because a single republican senator entered the senate chamber, banged a gavel, announced to an empty room that the US Senate was “in session”, hung around for a while and, being a Republican, probably told a few lies, called for a voice vote to repeal the ACA, and make abortion and being gay capital crimes, then banged the gavel again, announced that the “session” was over, and left.

    That’s what “invalidated” those appointments.

    Well, if that’s a session, than one kid showing up for classes constitutes a school day.

    I checked my copy of the Constitution, and while Article II (which defines the powers of the Executive Branch) Section 2 states:

    “The President shall have power to fill up all vacancies that may happen during the recess of the Senate, by granting commissions which shall expire at the end of their next session.”

    and Article I (which defines the powers of the Legislative Branch) Section 2 states:

    “The Congress shall assemble at least once in every year, and such meeting shall be on the first Monday in December, unless they shall by law appoint a different day.”

    there is nothing in the document that defines a quorum for either the Senate or the House. That leaves the matter up to the rules of either body, which makes it subject to the abuse of the Republican filibuster, which can be used to block changes in the rules.

    Personally, I think it’s a very weak point in the Constitution that allows a single legislator to block the workings of an entire other branch of the government. One way to fix this is to make it necessary for the President of the Senate (who is the Vice President or, if he is not available, the President Pro-Tem of the Senate, currently Patrick Leahy, D-VT) to call the body into session or for a significant percentage of the senators of both parties to be present to constitute a quorum (at least ½, maybe ?).

    P.S. (Awakening the Grammar Nazi in me):

    “President Barack Obama had a poor understanding of the Constitutional…”

    I’m pretty sure President Obama knows how to take a walk.

  2. “How can you look at the Texas legislature and still believe in intelligent design?
    – Kinky Friedman

  3. Love this Mario and E.A Blair…Astute to say the least….. Gonna use the piece Mario…wish I could use E.A’s comment as an adjunct in closing off the piece…. love this read folks)

  4. You are welcome to use my comment, Pardu, and thank you much for the compliments you paid both here and there. One thing I need to clarify, though, is where my comment reads “constitute a quorum (at least ½, maybe ?).”, the question mark should have been “2/3″. I cut and pasted a typographical symbol that didn’t get composed properly when it got posted here.

  5. Thank you EA.. I suspectede such but out of personal integrity I just sat and read it a few times and said, “oh well” ,. tks much for the hit to fix. If it does not read as it should let me know.

  6. @The Pardu: I studied language theory, used to teach college composition, worked at a newspaper for a while, hoped at one time to become a novelist and ended up as a technical writer. Proofreading has settled into my very bones, and typos embarrass me immensely. In fact, I think it’s that very picky attitude that foiled all my attempts at writing fiction. An injury to my left arm caused nerve damage that ended my professional career as it interfered with my ability to type at a professional rate. On the other hand, I have found that I have the ability to make comments that some people regard as worth reading, and the world of blogging and commenting doesn’t require speed and is usually forgiving of typos.

    I have sometimes been accused of being petty and not addressing the issue when I call out a poster or commentor on a language or grammar error. This is my standard reply:

    .“I think you must learn – if you’re in any filmmaking – you must respect the single frame. And there are twenty-four of those per second. If you don’t respect that single frame you’re in the same boat with a musician who does not respect an eighth note or a sixteenth note or a thirty-second note or whatever. You have to find the smallest unit and you have to love it and believe that one will make a difference. One frame to me will make the difference between whether the thing’s funny or not.”

    Chuck Jones

    Substitute the word “writer” for “musician” and the phrase “sentence, phrase, word or letter or punctuation mark or whatever” for “eighth note or a sixteenth note or a thirty-second note or whatever” and you pretty much have my feelings on the matter. Besides, who can argue with the man who created the Coyote and the Road Runner?

    Well, to bring this back on topic, neither Louie Gohmert nor any of his tea party colleagues nor a majority of his Republican fellows respect the details. If they were musicians, all they would see would be the whole notes, half notes and the rests. Instead of the delicacy of Bed?ich Smetana’s Moldau or the majesty of Leoš Janá?ek’s Sinfonietta all we have is the monotonous “blat-blat-blat” of an oompa band.

  7. Brilliant, EA…..and BTW..If you read my stuff, know that I labor as best I can to avoid typos, but man they haunt me. Actually, my biggest problem is a brain that knows what keys to hit based on a mental image of the word (spelling) the word and my fingers either going too fact or going i all directions, thus anagrams!!!!! (RUN-on sentence informal and not gonna fix LOL) Plus I can only read with my left eye….. Unbelievable as I do oil paintings and predominately with that one eye. So, I miss things in the text and with no editor, I find errors that are months old (complete hatred of self albeit temporary) I also have found that while I am not the most flowery of writers and even not the most grammatically sound, some seem to like reading my stuff. As one who worked in corporate America for over 40 years and with tight restrictions on acceptable writing styles, I force myself at times to reach for use of vocabulary that in my past life was not encouraged. Oh,a and ridding myself of that Business world love for BULLETS.

  8. Speaking of gerrymandering and other tricks the GOP is using to stay viable; let’s not forget that they are now wanting to screw around with the Electoral College by splitting the votes in states Obama won.

  9. Dear Fellow Citizens,
    Thank you for your sensible and smart comments. Being from East Texas I must said that I hold my breath when I hear that LG is about to speak. Just know that we are better than that in rural America and he certainly is not a good representation of our intelligence. I am a retired military officer that ran against him in 2012. I divided my time between studying Political Science at University of Texas and running a campaign. I now have more time to spend just running the campaign. I will spend the next two years fundraising and campaigning: working to show America that we are smart enough to send a well-rounded & highly prepared candidates to DC that represent ALL citizens of District One. I am asking the East Texans to elect a Congressperson with skills needed to move the District forward; one who has a background in military, medical, education, economics and common sense. So, let’s votemckellar in 2014 for U.S. Congress. Thank you.

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