Taking On Coca-Cola and Pepsi on a Super Bowl Weekend

Here’s one ad you won’t be seeing during the Super Bowl telecast. Pepsi and Coca Cola put pressure on CBS to reject this ad from SodaStream, manufacturers of a home carbonated water/soda system.

Messing with corporate giants is always an iffy proposition but in this case, it was a brilliant move by SodaStream. By making the case that their system is environmentally friendly (which it is – fewer plastic bottles to litter the planet) and by launching a direct attack on Coca Cola and Pepsi, they have been able to pick up a ton of free publicity. Smart.

I don’t drink Coke or Pepsi or much of any soda or carbonated drink – I prefer water straight from the tap – so I don’t have much use for the SodaStream system. But I do enjoy watching the up-and-coming take on the goliaths of industry.

I also appreciate a great ad.


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5 thoughts on “Taking On Coca-Cola and Pepsi on a Super Bowl Weekend

  1. Hilarious. And smart.

    Personally, I do not like colas – but have friends that use SodaStream – so I have tasted it. It actually is a lot better. Add to that the reduction of plastic bottle and the corruption of the giants – it’s a win.

  2. When I saw this SodaStream commercial last evening on TV, I wondered how long it would take Coca Cola and Pepsi to get it booted off the air. You’ve ended my wondering. I’ll buy SodaStream, just for the “get-even” factor.

  3. I gave up soda a long time ago and switched to iced tea, because I can control the amount of sugar (if any) that gets put in and avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup altogether. To add variety to the tea, I sprinkle in a little bit of unsweetened Kool-Aid or similar drink mix to add a fruit flavor to the drink – personally, I like orange and cherry best. When I started seeing SodaStream ads, I looked them up and found that they were too expensive given my low soda consumption.

    Their first round of ads, with the in-store demonstrations, weren’t very inspiring, but the new ones with the bursting bottles are clever, and I wonder how they to the special effects on them.

    Today I am facing an annual dilemma – how to keep my day as football-free as possible. I am supremely indifferent to football in general and the Super Bowl in particular; in fact, the only one for which I can recall the opposing teams is the first one, which wasn’t even called the “Super Bowl” yet (it was the NFL-AFL Championship Game). My Totem Worship piece was inspired by an attempt by two co-workers to draw me in to a conversation about pro football. I said, “Sorry. I refuse to get involved in religious debates”. The remark stuck with me, and I wrote the piece over my lunch hour. I’m figuring that the commercials will all get posted to YouTube by the time the game is over.

  4. To my surprise, I just saw this commercial on during the Super Bowl! I can’t believe they let it go on air.

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