Alright, left isn’t always right but it sure as hell is right more often than anything the right has to offer.

As a Canadian who has followed U.S. politics closely for the last thirty years, I’ve come to the conclusion that liberalism, as imperfect as it may be, can be equated with logic, compassion, justice and just plain common sense.

Naturally, our friends on the right will disagree with that last statement and that’s fine. My hope is that this site becomes a forum for all to express their views regardless of political belief.

Along with politics you’ll find a mix of topics on these pages to match my eclectic views on life and the world around us.  And, of course, my illustration art is to be found everywhere on these pages with the intent that it lends a uniqueness to these pages, setting them apart from anything else found in the political blogosphere.

Thank you…and enjoy.